The Beauty of the Humble Indie Bundle

Thursday, July 28, 2011
By William Kammer

In a perfect world, all computer software and video games would be sold exactly how the Humble Indie Bundle is.

The Humble Indie Bundle is a set of independent cross-platform video games that are DRM-free and allow you to name your own price. Once you name your price, you can determine how your payment is split up between the developers, marketers, EFF, and charity.

I wouldn’t expect a lot of companies to throw in the EFF and charity, but the idea of me being able to decide exactly where my money goes is very appealing. It makes me more interested in buying a product. I probably wouldn’t have purchased any of the games in the bundle if it wasn’t for this interesting promotion. Not only does this innovative form of payment get me to look at and buy games I otherwise wouldn’t have, it also make me talk about them and get other people to buy them through word-of-mouth.

I’m sure a lot of companies are too afraid to try this payment model, because they think they’ll lose money. A lot of people fail to realize how much consumers appreciate being able to have control over their money and the software they buy. In the first 24 hours of the bundle going on sale it made $500,000, which is a lot for few independently made games.

Over 100,000 bundles have been sold, which shows that the DRM-free aspect isn’t having a large negative impact on sales. It’s really annoying when games are full of DRM and restrict what consumers can do with their software. I’m sure a few people are sharing their copies with their friends, but that’s probably outweighed by the amount of people who bought the game who wouldn’t have if it was restricted by DRM.

The bundle is a great example of how software should be sold, and it’s obviously working for the people who put on this sale. I can only hope that other software developers follow suit someday. Piracy would be a thing of the past, and companies would make more sales. Fear is probably the only thing holding most companies back.

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