Home Brewed Dry-Hopped Porter

Monday, August 24, 2009
By William Kammer
Our first attempt at a home brew. It's a hoppy porter with a couple flaws.

This is our first attempt at a home brew. It's a hoppy porter with a of couple flaws. Overall a 4.5/10

My fellow home brewers and I have finally completed our first beer. While it definitely isn’t perfect, it’s drinkable and contains alcohol (the two elements we were hoping for). Since this was our rookie batch we weren’t expecting much, if we could drink it and it could get us drunk, we’d consider it successful.

For this beer we used the True Brew Porter Kit which includes unhopped dark malt extract, dark dried malt extract, malto-dextrin, chocolate grain malt, UK Goldings hop pellets, and ale yeast. While in the secondary carboy, we dry hopped the porter with some extra UK Goldings hop pellets. Why did we throw more hops in the porter? Because we wanted to, and that’s one of the great things about home brewing.

We kept the beer in the primary fermenter for roughly five days, then transferred it to the carboy where it settled for about a week before we bottled it.  After tasting the beer, it’s obvious we did something wrong. It could be that we didn’t allow the beer to settle long enough in the first and/or second fermenter.

The beer was good except for the finish, which had the tangy sting of dead yeast. This leads me to believe there was too much yeast in the beer, which could have been caused by not letting the beer sit long enough before bottling or transferring.

My review on the beer is below:

  • Look – 5: It looks like a decent porter. It’s very dark, but doesn’t have much lacing. There are also little bits of solids, which could be sediment from the beer or undissolved Munton’s CarbTabs.
  • Aroma – 6: It’s a little hoppy for a porter, but that’s what I like (that’s why I dry hopped it). Besides the hops, there could be a stronger porter smell, instead there seems to be more of a yeasty aroma.
  • Feel – 5: The feel isn’t terrible. It’s less than medium body, which is a bit weak for a porter.
  • ABV – 4.5: This beer is somewhere around 4.5 percent alcohol by volume.
  • Taste – 4: The initial flavor is fine, and while it’s in your mouth it tastes okay. The finish isn’t pleasant though, and that’s because of the yeast flavor in the back of your mouth.
  • OVERALL – 4.5: It’s a beer I can finish, and I enjoy the fact that it’s a home brew. Taste is the most important factor for me, and this beer falls lower than enjoyable, but higher than disgusting.

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